I joined the club this year because I spend so much time at the library anyway, I might as well get some "free" candy while at it! I have the bad habit of reading "in-situ", meaning while I'm still standing in the isle looking for books to read!... I guess is a "good" bad habit yes?!I picked up this wonderful book, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS by Jeffrey Vance. This book describes Douglas Fairbanks' personal life, his incredible body, his "drop-dead-gorgeous" eyes and his contributions to the film history and culture of Holywood during the silent films era. Almost all 367 pages contain reavealing photographs of "Doug", as he was popularly known then, throughout his short life, he died at the age of 56 years old of heart problems. You gotta see these photos, there are a few of him scantily clad, showing off his near-perfect physique and others showing off his family and famous friends. Ahh those were the days just before, during and just after the Great Depression. The grand impact that WWI and WWII had on American Film is clearly documented in every page in this book. It certainly makes for very enjoyable reading for those of us who love history and how it relates to human behavior.I loved this book, the writing style of Jeffrey Vance, while not my favorite, was very readable and full of facts all masterfully included in every chapter of this book.I recommend this book to everyone, even those who do not like biographies! Just open the first page in the introduction and you'll see what I mean... you won't be able to put down the book, trust me.Priscilla Grant-Owens

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