Patron enthusiastically recommends Debbie Macomber's books

Recently, Linda from Shirley enthusiastically recommended Debbie Macomber to the Readers' Advisory Librarian. Linda said she loved the way Macomber's books keep characters' intimate passions private, and how they are real page-turners that keep a strong hold on a reader's heart. The book that got her hooked on Macomber? Changing Habits (2003), about three very different women who enter a convent in Minneapolis, then change, grow, and ultimately leave the sisterhood.

For Debbie Macomber fans, Novelist (a readers' advisory database free to Mastics-Moriches-Shirley cardholders) also recommends Jan Karon's Mitford series (start with At Home in Mitford) and the Navy-oriented love stories by Susan Wiggs (start with The Ocean Between Us).

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  1. Debbie Macomber will be at the Vogue Knitting Convention in NYC in January. :)