Overlooked Books of 2012 Part I

2012 was a great year for literature with many outstanding books and novels published.  Some received tons of press; others didn't.  To make sure you don't miss any of 2012's best books, the next 5 days will profile the most overlooked books of the year.  What Happened To Sophie Wilder by Christopher Beha tells the story of Charlie Blakeman, an aspiring novelist who reunites with his old college girlfiriend, Sophie, who fills him in on the past ten years during which she cared for a dying man.  Then Sophie abruptly disappears and Charlie sets off on a mission to find out exactly what happened to her.  Don't let the title fool you.  This is not a whodunit.  Rather this whip-smart debut novel is a beautifully written tale of love, faith, and the redemptive power of storytelling.

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