Food Memoirs

"Foodoirs" (memoris about food) are very popular these days.  However, there is a special skill required to making food sound interesting on the pages of a book and that means you should pick your food memoirs carefully.  Check out these titles available at your community library!

Heat by Bill Buford: Buford, a writer at the New Yorker, goes to work in a major New York restaurant and literally suffers...including burns, cuts, extreme tiredness, and bullying, all in a high pressure environment.

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell: This memoir, in which the author attempted to recreate Julia Child's famous recipes iginited a new interested in Child and helped prove that sometimes, the French do it better.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain: First published in 2000, this gritty book helped put Bourdain on the map.  As much about life in professional kitchens as Bourdain's struggle with drugs and alcohol, this book shows Bourdain has genuine talent. 

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