Does Decadence Know Any Bounds?

Four years have passed since the events of Eric Jerome Dickey's Pleasure, and Nia’s success as a writer has grown, bringing her  to Los Angeles.  She remains on a quest to quiet her inner storm, to draw on her well of emotions and explore them fully before leaving this season of her life and moving on to what could be the next stage: marriage and motherhood.  Drawn to an exclusive pleasure palace, where patrons try on roles, Nia’s ability to balance truth and fantasy becomes increasingly blurred. What has happened to the compartments she has so carefully created for the different aspects of her life? Will her relationship with the mysterious, often unavailable Prada survive the countless temptations? Will her successful literary career be given over to impulse indulgence? When Nia’s past comes back to mingle with her present, and when her staid public persona clashes with her fantasy life of decadence, readers will be stunned by the outcome of Decadence.

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