The Power of Nostalgia and Hope

1985 has not been a good year for Greta Wells.  Still reeling from the death of her twin brother and the shock of her longtime partner walking out on her, Greta feels as if her life is crumbling.  As a last ditch effort to regain control, Greta turns to electroshock therapy.  The treatment is not without side effects and Greta finds herself transported through time, sliding into lives in different decades that could have been her own.  The boundaries between the lives begin to blur as the burdens that each Greta carries can no longer be ignored and the consequences of her actions become difficult to compartmentalize.  With the end of her treatment drawing near, Greta faces a race to set everything right and must prepare herself to choose the one life in which happily ever after might exist.  The Impossible Loves of Greta Wells by Andrew Greer is an enchanting novel that explores the age of question of "what if?" in a fresh new way.

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