New Novel Reflects Life and Lasting Love

The Last First Day by Carrie Brown
As this deeply moving novel The Last First Day opens, Ruth van Dusen is preparing for what will turn out to be her husband Peter's last first day. As headmaster of the Derry School for Boys, it is Peter's job to welcome students to the first day of the new school year. It will also be his last day, a long-dreaded one for the devoted couple, when illness will suddenly strike and their well-established lives will change forever.

Carrie Brown, author of five novels including Lamb in Love (1999) and The Rope Walk (2007), has written a well-crafted, meaningful story of two people and the long, happy life they have shared. From their first fateful meeting, when an orphaned Ruth is taken in by the van Dusen family, to their final days in retirement, when failing health and flooding memories compete for their attention, Brown tells the story of Ruth and Peter with a keen observer's eye. Beautifully written, with deeply memorable characters, The Last First Day is a powerful examination of love across the years and a heartfelt story of the strength of unbreakable bonds. (Booklist Reviews)

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