The Woman Who Lost Her Soul

The Woman Who Lost Her Soul by Bob Shacochis
With a tale that sweeps across time and continents to unravel tangled knots of romance, espionage, and vengeance, National Book Award Winner author Bob Shacochis returns to writing with The Woman Who Lost Her Soul.

When humanitarian lawyer Tom Harrington travels to Haiti to investigate the murder of a beautiful and seductive photojournalist, he is confronted with a dangerous landscape riddled with poverty, corruption, and voodoo. It’s the late 1990s, a time of brutal guerrilla warfare and civilian kidnappings, and everyone has secrets. The journalist, whom he knew years before as Jackie Scott, had a bigger investment in Haiti than it seemed, and to make sense of her death, Tom must plunge back into a thorny past and his complicated ties to both Jackie and Eville Burnette, a member of Special Forces who has been assigned to protect her.

Booklist's starred review of The Woman Who Lost Her Soul praises Shacochis' latest as "a brilliant book, likely to win prizes, with echoes of Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene, and John le CarrĂ©." Do you agree? Let us know what you think! 

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