Book Review: In the Memorial Room by Janet Frame

In the Memorial RoomPublished posthumously, In the Memorial Room is a satire that Janet Frame wrote in 1974 about the fandom surrounding the late (fictional) poet Margaret Rose Hurndell.  As Hurndell is intended to represent the actual New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923), Frame insisted the book be published after her death.  

The story follows Harry Gill, a writer who has been awarded the Watercress-Armstrong Fellowship, a living memorial to the late Margaret Rose Hurndell.  Gill travels to a small French village where his housing accommodations are located, but finds his new digs unacceptable to write or live in.  

Kirkus Reviews says that "Frame's sentences are marvels, winding like narrow alleys through hill towns: They open spectacular vistas.  Brilliant."  

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