Cozy Christmas Mystery

Looking to snuggle up with a cozy Christmas mystery for the holidays? Check out the selection available at the Community Library..we have a lot, including Mulled Murder, part of the Pennyfoot Hotel mystery series by Kate Kingsbury!

Mulled Murder

Things are a bit hectic at the Pennyfoot Hotel this holiday season - one of Cecily Sinclair Baxter's housemaids has left to get married, the bathrooms are flooding and the new janitor has anything but visions of sugar plums in his head.  But things really go south when one of Cecily's guests is found stabbed to death, and what's more, he was a private investigator - who was he looking into? Was it someone on the staff or one of the guests? What secret could drive someone to cold-blooded murder?

Looking for more books in the Pennyfoot Hotel series? There are 21 books in total!

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