Step Back in Time to the Roaring Twenties!

Dollface: A Novel of the Roaring Twenties
Vera Abramowitz is ready for a change - living with her mother who plans for her to work in the family's stockyard and meatpacking plant, Vera longs for a more glamorous and glitzy life.  Lucky for her, it's the Roaring Twenties and pretty girls can drink and dance all night in Chicago nightclubs.  After she makes her move to the big City, she quickly hooks up with not one, but two gangster boyfriends. Times sure are fun, until Vera realizes she may have gotten in over her head, especially after she becomes pregnant and finds out the true identity of her lovers.

Per Library Journal Reviews, "as Vera's life unfolds and the consequences of her choices become clear, the novel evolves with her - from a coming-of-age tale, to a love story, and, finally, a lesson on redemption and coming home."

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