The Peculiar Crimes Unit is Back on a Case!

The Invisible Code
Peculiar Crimes Unit detectives, Arthur Bryant and John May, are back and are faced with the most confusing and bizarre case of their careers!

The Peculiar Crimes Unit is given London's most puzzling murders to solve, and the latest is no exception.  A woman dies in St. Bride's Church with no signs of struggle, however, the investigation is surprisingly handed over to the city police and not the Peculiar Crimes Unit.  Instead, Bryant and May are asked to investigate why the head of Home Office security's wife has been acting so strangely, claiming that an evil presence is haunting her for one thing.  A second death reveals a link between the cases and Bryant and May are set on the loose to track down the tricky killer.  

"Witty, charming, intelligent, wonderfully atmospheric and enthusiastically plotted." - The Times (UK)

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