Fly Fishing Detective Returns

Dead Man's Fancy by Keith McCafferty
Sean Stranahan and Sheriff Martha Ettinger return in the new mystery Dead Man's Fancy by Keith Mcafferty. Stumbling across the dead body of a smitten client while searching for the missing Nanika Martinelli, a missing red-haired river guide better known as the Fly Fishing Venus, Sheriff Martha Ettinger, assisted by sometimes private detective Sean Stranahan, follow clues that point to an animal rights group called Clan of the Three-Clawed Wolf and their pagan master.

In their most dangerous adventure yet, Stranahan and Ettinger find themselves in the crossfire of wolf lovers, wolf haters, and a sister bent on revenge, and on the trail of an alpha male gone terribly wrong.

For more of McCafferty's Sean Stranahan and Martha Ettinger mysteries, check out the first books in the series:

The Royal Wulff Murders by Keith McCafferty
In McCafferty's compelling debut, a young man is found dead with a Royal Wulff trout fly stuck through his lip. Sheriff Martha Ettinger's investigation leads her to cross paths with fly fisher, painter, and has-been private detective Sean Stranahan. As the water temperature rises, the clues point them both toward Montana's big business: fly fishing. Where there's money, there's bound to be crime.

The Gray Ghost Murders by Keith McCafferty
A follow-up to 'The Royal Wulff Murders' finds fly fisherman and private detective Sean Stranahan tackling two assignments including the theft of a valuable fly and the murders of two men who have been found on Sphinx Mountain, cases with possible ties to local superstitions and powerful adversaries.

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