Stones for Bread

Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish
Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish: Liesl McNamara’s life can be described in one word: bread. From her earliest memory, her mother and grandmother passed down the mystery of baking and the importance of this deceptively simple food. And now, as the owner of Wild Rise bake house, Liesl spends every day up to her elbows in dough, nourishing and perfecting her craft.

But the simple life she has cultivated is becoming quite complicated and when Wild Rise is featured on television and long-hidden family secrets are revealed, her quiet existence appears a thing of the past. With her precious heritage crumbling around her, Liesl must make a choice: allow herself to be buried in detachment and remorse, or take a leap of faith into a new life.

"In Parrish's (The Air We Breathe, 2012) beautifully written novel, the vitality of close relationships is powerfully depicted in Liesl's struggle to let go of her past and embrace the future right in front of her. Readers will definitely relate to her struggle of faith and confidence." (Booklist Reviews)

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