New Tales for New Adults

Check out these brand new tales for new adults, both available at the Community Library!
Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves by Dave Lowry

You're Not Much Use to Anyone by David Shapiro

Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves by Dave Lowry
A rollicking debut novel about a young man who gets kicked out of college, becomes a Chinese restaurant chef, and inadvertently gets in the middle of a Chinese gang's search for their stolen diamonds.

David is a freshly minted NYU grad who’s working a not-quite-entry-level job, falling in love, and telling his parents he’s studying for the LSAT. He starts a Tumblr blog, typing out posts on his BlackBerry under his desk—a blog that becomes wildly popular and brings him to the attention of major media (The New York Times) as well as the White House. But his outward fame doesn’t quell his confusion about the world and his direction in it.

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