Librarian's Picks of the Month

Not sure what to read next? Take a look at our "Librarian's Picks" display where you'll find these and many more titles on display today:

The King's Mistress by Emma Campion
The King's Mistress by Emma Campion: (Historical Fiction)
A tale inspired by the life of Edward III's notorious mistress finds a young Alice dutifully marrying a dangerously secretive man and accepting royal protection while reluctantly participating in a strategically beneficial affair with the king to safeguard her family.

My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira
My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira: (Historical Fiction)
Traveling to Civil War-era Washington, D.C. to tend wounded soldiers and pursue her dream of becoming a surgeon, headstrong midwife Mary receives guidance from two smitten doctors and resists her mother's pleas for her to return home.

Her: A Memoir by Christa Parravani
Her: A Memoir by Christa Parravani:(Autobiography)
After her identical twin sister, who, haunted by childhood experiences with father figures and further damaged by being raped as a young adult, succumbs to drugs and depression, the author, after reading a statistic that 50% of the time the surviving twin dies within two years, decides to beat the odds.

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks: (Romantic Suspense Fiction)
Coming into the possession of a photograph of a smiling woman he has never met, a man experiences a chain of fortuitous events that causes him to regard the photograph as a lucky charm, a belief that prompts a heartfelt search for the woman.

The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak
The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak: (Historical Fiction)
A re-imagining of the early years of Catherine the Great traces the story of a naive German duchess as observed by young Barbara, a servant who watches her mistress's elevation and rises to become one of Russia's most clever royal spies.

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