May Flowers

The founders of the Long Island Community Agriculture Network will offer an overview of organic vegetable gardening techniques, including how to  plan and plant a vegetable garden.

 The Allergy-Fighting Garden by Thomas Leo Ogren The Creative Shrub Garden by Andy McIndoe The Twilight Garden by Lia Leendertz

The Allergy-Fighting Garden by Thomas Leo Ogren
If you are one of the millions of people with allergies or asthma, this totally unique book shows you how to avoid plants that trigger allergies and to create a garden that will actually protect you by trapping pollen and cleaning the air around you. This revolutionary approach combines the best of horticulturist Thomas Ogren’s previous books—Allergy-Free Gardening and Safe Sex in the Garden—into a full-color guide, including hundreds of new and updated plant listings and photographs. (Publisher Summary)

Although many gardeners rely heavily on smaller perennials, annuals, and bulbs, McIndoe makes the case for shrubs as a main element in garden design in this richly illustrated book. Shrubs are hardy, beautiful year round, and are extremely low-maintenance. McIndoe prepares readers to choose their own shrubs by introducing them to the basics including advice on selection based on garden size, soil and climate, and pruning and maintenance. He then helps readers focus selections by offering inspiration in the form of hundreds of different beautiful shrub combinations that complement fifteen different garden styles including cottage, tropical, and urban. (Publisher Summary)

Covering basic planting and design principles that make the most of outdoor surroundings, this guide helps gardeners establish a unique nocturnal garden. Including chapters on night-scented and night-blooming plants, gentle mood lighting, water features, enclosures, and the use of color and sound to attract wildlife, this is the perfect starting place for gardeners attracted to the ethereal nature of a moonlit landscape, whether they are working with a backyard terrace or a large plot of land. (Publisher Summary)

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