Street Lit

Check out our Street Lit display located on the lower level of the library - you will find these books, plus others!
The Lies We Tell for Love by Mz. Robinson

Between Friends by D.L.Sparks

I'll Be Your Everything by J.J.Murray

When Truth is Gangsta by Tecori Sheldon

The Lies We Tell for Love by Mz. Robinson
Both Damon and his wife Olivia try to keep their marriage together by hiding their past and some of their true feelings, but when Olivia finds herself attracted to a mysterious stranger unexpected revelations threaten everything. (Publisher Summary)

Between Friends by D.L. Sparks 
When his latest case brings him back home to Atlanta, DEA agent Orlando "Trip" Spencer III, while trying to stop the senseless slaughters on the streets of the Dirty South, confronts his old friend Aaron "Ace" Moore, a police officer who, playing by his own rules, is threatened by Trip's investigation. (Publisher Summary)

I'll Be Your Everything by J.J. Murray 
Tired of being taken advantage of by her boss Corinne, Shari Nance, posing as Corinne, takes on a major account to prove who's the real talent and goes up against a rival agency's top executive, who just so happens to be Corrine's boyfriend. (Publisher Summary)

When Truth is Gangsta by Tecori Sheldon
Haunted by memories of his parents' death years earlier, Walter assembles a crew of young guns to seize control of the streets of Detroit from a conglomerate of drug czars, an effort that is challenged by a crazed killer. (Publisher Summary)

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