Into the Wilderness

Into the Savage Country by Shannon BurkeIn Wilderness by Diane ThomasThe Surfacing by Cormac James

Into the Savage Country by Shannon Burke

While on a perilous expedition into Crow territory in the 1820s, William Wyeth discovers the depth of loyalty among men and the lengths people will go in order to survive when he becomes trapped in the center of a deadly boundary dispute between Native American tribes, the British government and American trapping brigades. (Publisher Summary)

In Wilderness by Diane Thomas

After she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Katherine abandons her successful advertising firm and seeks refuge in the solitude of her wilderness cabin. Living off the land in complete isolation brings Katherine peace - until the day she realizes she is not alone, and never was. Katherine's sudden and unanticipated arrival at the cabin unsettles Danny, a Vietnam veteran tormented by the demons of his past, who has been squatting in the previously abandoned cabin. (Publisher Summary)

The Surfacing by Cormac James

Far from civilization, with his ship trapped by Arctic ice while hunting for Sir Franklin's lost expedition, Lieutenant Morgan discovers a stowaway, who will be forced to give birth to his child in the frozen wilderness, unless he can lead his men across the bleak expanse. (Publisher Summary)

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