Book Review: The Twilight Lord

The Twilight Lord
Book Three of the World of Hetar
By; Bertice Small
This story takes off where the last book ended. the trial and tribulations of Lara and her husband Magnus as she follows her destiny are exciting and romantic this story gets you to turn the pages I could not put this book down. I cant wait for the next installment.

Book Review: Twelve Sharp

Twelve Sharp
by Janet Evanovich
Has Ranger gone to the darkside? Everyone is looking for him and suspects him of murder and kidnapping. Stepahnie does not believe this and tries to get to the bottom of it risking her own freedom and safety. Fast moving lots of action in this one.

Book Review: Eleven on top

Eleven on top

by Janet Evanovich

In this Stephanie Plum novel she decides to quit being a bail enforcement agent and find a real job. In true Stephanie style each job gets progressively worse along with the problems. She quits sugar and has to deal with the backlash.I laughed out loud as I always do with Janet's books.


book 2 the world of hetar
by Bertrice Small
It is hard to believe that this story starts out book two this way. join Lara on her adventures. Very intriguing cant wait to read book 3.