A Redemption Story from Debut Author Gets a Lot of Buzz

Black River by SM Hulse
Black River by debut author S.M. Hulse tells the story of a man marked by a prison riot as he returns to the town, and the convict, who shaped him.

When Wes Carver returns to Black River, he carries two things in the cab of his truck: his wife’s ashes and a letter from the prison parole board. The convict Bobby Williams,who held him hostage during a riot, twenty years ago, is being considered for release.

Wes has been away from Black River ever since the riot. He grew up in this small Montana town, and, like his father before him and most of the men there, he made his living as a Corrections Officer. A talented, natural fiddler, he found solace and joy in his music. But during that riot Williams changed everything for Wes — undermining his faith and taking away his ability to play.

How can a man who once embodied evil ever come to good? How can he pay for such crimes with anything but his life? As Wes considers his own choices and grieves for all he’s lost, he must decide what he believes and whether he can let Williams walk away.

"Heads up—Hulse is a smart writer, able to reveal her character's gut-level emotions and trickiest self manipulations. Comparing the author to Annie Proulx, Wallace Stegner, or Kent Haruf is no exaggeration. Her debut is bound to turn readers' hearts inside out and leave them yearning for some sweet, mournful fiddle music." (Library Journal Reviews)

New Series Starter for Catherine Anderson

Silver Thaw by Catherine Anderson
After years of living in fear of her husband, Amanda Banning has left him and moved to Mystic Creek, Oregon, for a fresh start in Catherine Anderson's newest novel Silver Thaw, the first in her new Mystic Creek series.

Amanda is having a tough time providing for herself and her six-year-old daughter. Writing her secret yearnings on slips of paper and sending them into the wind helps her cling to the hope that things will get better and that she can find happiness again.

When Jeb Sterling comes to her rescue after a cold snap leaves her and her daughter temporary homeless, Amanda has no idea just how much this kind and compassionate man will change her life.

Silver Thaw received a *Starred Review* from Booklist Reviews: "Master storyteller Anderson (Walking on Air, 2014) has skillfully penned the heart-wrenching story of domestic abuse and its aftermath, taking readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride and making the terror, dread, distrust, and, eventually, tenuous hope of a battered woman palpable. This compelling first book in the Mystic Creek series will make an excellent book-discussion group selection."

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You'll Want to Change Your Locks After Reading This

A Pleasure and a Calling by Phil Hogan
A Pleasure and a Calling by Phil Hogan is a deliciously unsettling, darkly funny novel about a man who quietly spies on the private lives of his neighbors.

You won't remember Mr. Heming. He was the agent who showed you around your home, negotiated a price with the owner, and called you with the good news. The less good news is that, all these years later, he still has the key. That's absurd, you laugh. Of all the many hundreds of houses he has sold, why would he still have the key to mine? The answer is; he has the keys to them all.

Mr. Heming considers himself a connoisseur of the private lives of others. As details emerge about his troubled childhood, his hobby begins to form a clear pattern, and the reasons behind it come into focus. When the quiet routine of the village is disrupted by strange occurrences, including a dead body found in the backyard of a client's home, Mr. Heming realizes it may only be a matter of time before his secrets are found out.

"Hogan skillfully builds a character that combines Mr. Goodbar, Hannibal Lector and Moriarty..." (Kirkus Reviews)

"William Heming joins the ranks of unforgettable, unreliable narrators in this gloriously creepy novel of psychological suspense." (Booklist Reviews)

A Woman's Quest to Find Her Husband a Wife

Before I Go by Colleen Oakley
Twenty-seven-year-old Daisy already beat breast cancer three years ago. How can this be happening to her again? 

Confronting the final months of her life when her breast cancer returns, Daisy endeavors to find her husband another wife, an effort that forces her to make difficult choices.

Daisy scouts local parks, coffee shops and online dating sites looking for Jack’s perfect match. But the further she gets on her quest, the more she questions the sanity of her plan. As the thought of her husband with another woman becomes all too real, Daisy’s forced to decide what’s more important in the short amount of time she has left: her husband’s happiness—or her own?

In her debut novel Before I Go"Oakley expertly tugs at the heartstrings with well-rounded characters and a liberal dose of gallows humor." (Publishers Weekly Reviews)

New Installment in Sci-Fi Bone Season Series

The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon
In The Bone Season, author Shannon Smith gave us a fantasy/sci-fi epic dystopian tale set in the near future London where major world cities are controlled by a formidable security force, Scion, and where clairvoyant underworld cell member Paige (a rare dreamwalker) is captured by an otherworldly race that would make her a part of their supernatural army.

The action continues in the second installment of Shannon's seven book Bone Season series with The Mime Order where Paige flees Scion while Jaxon Hall and his Seven Seals prepare for a rare assembly of the clairvoyant community that is clouded by dark secrets.

"A Clockwork Orange meets A Tale of Two Cities meets Harry Potter in this clever, caring, and spellbinding tale, which promises more to come." (Booklist Reviews)

Think this sounds like the making of a great summer movie? You're in luck - Fox Studios has already purchased the rights to develop this series into a possible movie franchise. Read about it here. The movie is listed at IMDB.com as "in production" with no further details as of yet. In the meantime stop by the library to pick up this book series.

Can't Get Enough Dystopia?

Looking for another dystopian read? You're not alone! We've pulled together a new display on our lower level featuring dystopian picks you may have missed.

The Word Exhange by Alena Graedon
The Word Exhange by Alena Graedon:
In a near-future world where the "death of print" has become a near reality, Anana Johnson, an employee at the North American Dictionary of the English Language (NADEL) working on the last print version of the dictionary, searches for her missing father. As Anana penetrates the mystery of her father’s disappearance and a pandemic of decaying language called “word flu” spreads, The Word Exchange becomes a cautionary tale that is at once a technological thriller and a meditation on the high cultural costs of digital technology.

Lighthouse Island by Paulette Jiles
Lighthouse Island by Paulette Jiles:
In the coming centuries the world's population has exploded. The earth is crowded with cities, animals are nearly all extinct, and drought is so widespread that water is rationed. There are no maps, no borders, no numbered years, and no freedom, except for an elite few. Orphan Nadia dreams of a green vacation spot called Lighthouse Island. When an opportunity for escape arises, Nadia embarks on a dangerous and sometimes comic adventure. Along the way she meets James Orotov, a mapmaker and demolition expert. Together, they evade arrest and head north toward the wild beauty that lies beyond the megapolis—Lighthouse Island.

California by Edan Lepucki
California by Edan Lepucki:
The world Cal and Frida have always known is gone, and they've left the crumbling city of Los Angeles far behind them living in a shack in the wilderness, working side-by-side to make their days tolerable in the face of hardship and isolation. The tentative existence they've built for themselves is thrown into doubt when Frida finds out she's pregnant. Terrified of the unknown and unsure of their ability to raise a child alone, Cal and Frida set out for the nearest settlement, a guarded and paranoid community with dark secrets. In this unfamiliar world, where everything and everyone can be perceived as a threat, the couple must quickly decide whom to trust.

Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead
Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead:
Living in exile after failing in his job as an investigator of religious groups and supernatural claims, Justin March, a man from a near-future world decimated by religious extremists, is invited to join an elite branch of the military by genetically enhanced soldier Mae, with whom he confronts formidable enemies to solve a string of ritual murders. As their investigation races forward, unknown enemies and powers greater than they can imagine are gathering in the shadows, ready to reclaim the world in which humans are merely game pieces on their board. (This is the first of a projected New Adult series Age of X.)

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami:
The year is 1984 and the city is Tokyo. A young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver’s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her. She has entered, she realizes, a parallel existence, which she calls 1Q84 —“Q is for ‘question mark.’ "A world that bears a question.” Meanwhile, an aspiring writer named Tengo takes on a suspect ghostwriting project. He becomes so wrapped up with the work and its unusual author that, soon, his previously placid life begins to come unraveled. 

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch
Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch:
A decade has passed since the city of Pittsburgh was reduced to ash. While the rest of the world has moved on, survivor John Dominic Blaxton has not, reliving his lost life by immersing in the Archive's fully interactive digital reconstruction of Pittsburgh, accessible to anyone who wants to visit the places and people they remember. Dominic investigates deaths recorded in the Archive to help close cold cases, but when he discovers glitches in the code for a crime scene he stumbles into a web of deceit taking him from the darkest corners of the Archive to the ruins of the city itself, and into the heart of a nightmare more horrific than anything he could have imagined.

For more dystopia related recommendations, click on the dystopian tag in the tag list under this post and speak with a librarian at the reference desk.

New Titles on 'The New York Times' Best Sellers List

Here are this week's newest hardcover titles appearing for the first time on The New York Times Best Sellers list. (To see the full list for January 25, 2015 click here.) Click the covers below to place a hold/request for these popular titles.

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley
Golden Son by Pierce Brown
The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell
Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz
The Third Target by Joel C. Rosenberg
Insatiable Appetites by Stuart Woods

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley (Mystery)
Chemist and aspiring detective Flavia de Luce uses her knowledge of poisons and her indefatigable spirit to solve a crime in the unsavory world of Canadian boarding schools.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Science Fiction)
A follow-up to Red Rising follows the efforts of tragedy-forged rebel hero Darrow to infiltrate the world of the elite Golds to secure his people's freedom from the overlords of a brutal elitist future.

The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell (Historical Fiction)
Supporting the widow of the dying ruler of 10th-century Mercia in her unconventional fight for leadership, wounded soldier Uhtred searches for his lost sword to regain his strength.

Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz (Romantic Suspense)
After finding her boss's body, Grace retreats to her hometown to regroup and tries to put everything she's learned about positive thinking into practice - a process complicated by her evening with venture-capitalist Julius, a man she has nothing in common with.

The Third Target by Joel C. Rosenberg (Suspense)
When New York Times foreign correspondent J. B. Collins hears rumors that an al-Qaeda splinter cell has captured a cache of chemical weapons inside Syria, he knows this is a story he must pursue at all costs.

Insatiable Appetites by Stuart Woods (Mystery/Suspense)
Settling the estate of a respected friend and mentor, Stone Barrington uncovers secrets ranging from surprising to alarming while an underhanded foe stealthily spreads violent havoc.

National Readthon Day this Saturday

National Readthon Day January 24, 2015
Join readers across the country this Saturday, January 24th from Noon-4pm for National Readathon Day sponsored by Penguin Random House, GoodReads, Mashable and the National Book Foundation to raise awareness of the issues of literacy and the need to "educate, tutor, create and sustain a lifelong love of reading." Visit National Readathon Day to learn more.

Mystery Awards Finalists Announced

The Mystery Writers of America have just announced their nominees for the 2015 Edgar Allan Poe Awards which honors the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction, and television. The winners will be announced at the MWA annual awards banquet on April 29, 2015. In the meantime here are the nominees for "Best Novel." (For the full list of nominees click here.)

This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash
Wolf by Mo Hayder
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
The Final Silence by Stuart Neville
Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin
Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash:
After their mother dies unexpectedly, 12-year-old Easter and her 6-year-old sister Ruby are kidnapped by their errant father Wade, an ex-minor league baseball player whom they haven't seen in years, while their court appointed guardian races against time to find them before a vengeful killer does.
"Narrated in alternating voices, this book captures the reader's attention from the start and never lets go. Readers who enjoyed Cash's first book or who are fans of well-written Southern fiction will enjoy this novel." (Library Journal Reviews)

Wolf by Mo Hayder:
After a vagrant finds a dog wandering alone carrying a scrap of paper with the words "HELP US" attached it is collar, Caffery races against time to find the dog's owners, while a wealthy local family, held hostage in their remote home, fight for their lives.
"Wolf is exceptionally original in premise and nightmarish in its rendering." (BookPage Reviews)
"Dark and twisty, this gripping crime novel ... is an outstanding read..." (Library Journal Reviews)

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King:
Months after a crazed hit-and-run driver kills several attendees at a Midwestern job fair, a depressed retired cop and two unlikely allies join forces to find and stop the killer, who has sent a letter threatening another attack.
"King's interest in crime fiction was evident from his work for the Hard Case Crime imprint—The Colorado Kid (2005) and Joyland (2013)—but this is the most straight-up mystery-thriller of his career." (Booklist Reviews)

The Final Silence by Stuart Neville:
Rea Carlisle has inherited a house from an uncle she never knew. It doesn’t take her long to clear out the dead man’s remaining possessions, but one of the upstairs rooms remains stubbornly locked. When Rea finally forces it open, she discovers a chair, a table, and a leather-bound book, its pages filled with a host of chilling mementos—locks of hair, fingernails: a catalog of victims. Horrified, Rea wants to go straight to the police, but her politician father intervenes. Rea turns to disgraced police inspector Jack Lennon who is a lead suspect in another murder. Lennon suspects they're both part of a grisly conspiracy.
"Psychological thriller and police procedural blend for a pulse-pounding crime novel from a master of the genre." (Booklist Reviews)

Reinstated on the force, demoted, and wearing a chip on his shoulder, Rebus re-teams with internal affairs officer, Malcolm Fox, to solve a cold case from 30 years ago in the 19th book in the Rebus series and the third one featuring Fox.
"Rankin's intricate plot and well-developed characters make this novel a must-read for Rankin fans, who will especially enjoy the Rebus-Fox matchup... the author makes his latest title and his enigmatic protagonist accessible to new readers." (Library Journal Express Reviews)

Cop Town by Karin Slaughter:
A standalone thriller by the best-selling author of Unseen is set in 1974 Atlanta and finds reluctant rookie cop Kate Murphy teamed with agenda-seeking Maggie Lawson in a manhunt for a cop killer.
"Winning leads, the retro setting, and a riveting plot make this one of Slaughter's best." (Booklist Reviews)

Enchanting New Book by Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen
Featuring characters from her first novel, Garden Spells, Sarah Addison Allen's new novel First Frost picks up ten years after that eventful summer when Claire Waverly's wild half-sister Sydney returned to Bascom and Claire met her now-husband Tyler. Things have settled down and Claire finds she has slipped back into a place of tightly sequestered sameness. It's comfortable. She likes it. But when her father Russell shows up he brings with him information that Claire doesn't want to hear and that will challenge everything she thought she knew about herself.

New to Sarah Addison Allen? Allen's heart-warming fiction centers around southern gals and their families with a touch of magic thrown in. Fans of Alice Hoffman, Rebecca Wells and Jane Smiley may also enjoy Allen's books. Other books by Sarah Addison Allen include:

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
Garden Spells (2007):
A successful caterer in Bascomb, North Carolina, Claire has always remained tied to the legacy of the Waverly family, until her peaceful life is transformed by Tyler Hughes, an art teacher and new next-door neighbor, and by the return of her prodigal sister, Sydney.

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
The Sugar Queen (2008):
Quiet, awkward Josey Cirrini's peaceful life (caring for her elderly mother, enjoying romance novels, and indulging in her secret passion for sweets) is turned upside down when Della Lee Baker, a sassy, confident, and bold waitress fleeing an abusive boyfriend, decides to hide out in Josey's home. As Josey dares to step outside herself, she discovers a world where the color red has astonishing power, passion can make eggs fry in their cartons, and romance can blossom at any time - even for her. 

The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen
The Girl Who Chased the Moon (2009):
Emily Benedict came to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother's life. But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew--a reclusive, real-life gentle giant--she realizes that mysteries aren't solved in Mullaby, they're a way of life.

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen
The Peach Keeper (2011):
Willa Jackson of Walls of Water, North Carolina, has lately learned that an old classmate--socialite do-gooder Paxton Osgood--of the very prominent Osgood family, has restored her family's Blue Ridge Madam home to its former glory, with plans to open a top-flight inn. But when a skeleton, found buried beneath the lone peach tree on the property is found, Willa and Paxton must confront the dangerous passions and tragic betrayals that once bound their families.

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
Lost Lake (2014):
Seeking solace in a Georgia lakeside cottage with her eccentric 8-year-old daughter, recently widowed Kate wonders if the area's almost-magical ability for sparking romances has been imagined before experiencing a poignant renewal.

Iconic Musicians on our New Biographies Shelves

Herbie Hancock: Possibilities by Herbie Hancock with Lisa Dickey
Blues All Day Long: the Jimmy Rogers Story by Wayne Everett Goins
Bowie the Biography by Wendy Leigh
Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones by Paul Trynka

Herbie Hancock: Possibilities by Herbie Hancock with Lisa Dickey:
The legendary jazz musician and composer reflects on his seven decades in music, tracing his early years as a musical prodigy and work in Miles Davis' second quintet to his multi-genre explorations and collaborations with fellow artists.

A member of Muddy Waters' legendary late 1940s-1950s band, Jimmy Rogers pioneered a blues guitar style that made him one of the most revered sidemen of all time. Rogers also had a significant if star-crossed career as a singer and solo artist for Chess Records, releasing the classic singles "That's All Right" and "Walking By Myself" as well as high profile tours with Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones. In Blues All Day Long, Goins mines seventy-five hours of interviews with Rogers' family, collaborators, and peers to follow a life spent in the blues.

Bowie the Biography by Wendy Leigh:
David Bowie, the iconic superstar of rock, fashion, art, design, and the quintessential sexual liberator, is a living legend. However, for the past five decades, he has managed to retain his Hollywood star mystique. Now author Wendy Leigh reveals the real man behind the mythology. Through scores of interviews with Bowie’s lovers (both male and female), his girlfriends, business associates, groupies, and band members, Leigh, who grew up just a mile from where Bowie was born and went to school, has written an intimate biography of rock’s greatest enigma.

Brian Jones was the golden boy of the Rolling Stones, the visionary who gave the band its name and its sound. Yet he was a haunted man, and much of his brief time with the band, before his death in 1969 at the infamous age of twenty-seven, was volatile and tragic. Some of the details of how Jones was dethroned are well known, but the full story of his downfall is still largely untold. With more than 120 new interviews, Trynka offers countless new revelations and sets straight the tall tales that have long marred Jones’s legacy. 

Sequel Alert - The Rosie Effect

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion
In The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion, Don and Rosie are happily married and living in New York. But they’re about to face a new challenge because - surprise! - Rosie is pregnant. 

Don sets about learning the protocols of becoming a father, but his unusual research style gets him into trouble with the law. Fortunately his best friend Gene is on hand to offer advice. As Don tries to schedule time for pregnancy research, getting Gene and Claudia to reconcile, servicing the industrial refrigeration unit that occupies half his apartment, helping Dave the Baseball Fan save his business, and staying on the right side of Lydia the social worker, he almost misses the biggest problem of all: he might lose Rosie when she needs him the most. 

"Many sequels falter, but this one is pitch-perfect. It’s cute, but it isn’t cheesy. It’s extremely funny and clever, but not at the expense of the characters or as an insult to the reader. The unexpected twist in The Rosie Effect is the way Simsion manages to make marriage romantic. This book isn’t really about pregnancy or living with autism or moving to a new city. It’s about having your world rocked when you really, truly have to compromise with another person. It’s about how tricky that is, how hilarious that can be, and how beautiful it is when you pull it off."  - BookPage Review

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Waiting for your chance to read this charming sequel? Why not re-read (or read for the first time) The Rosie Project and get to know how Don, a socially awkward genetics professor who had never been on a second date, set out to find the perfect wife, but instead found Rosie Jarman, a fiercely independent barmaid who was on a quest to find her biological father.

Librarian's Picks of the Month

Not sure what to read next? Come check out this month's Librarian's Picks display (on the main floor across from the video room) featuring some gems you may have missed (or want to read again!) including:

One for the Money by Janet Evanovich
The Husband by Dean Koontz
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

One for the Money by Janet Evanovich: (Mystery)
Go back to the beginning of this witty series and enjoy again how Stephanie Plum turns to bounty hunting for quick cash and finds herself tracking her first quarry, an ex-cop accused of murder, who turns out to be her first lover, with whom she still shares a powerful chemistry.

The Husband by Dean Koontz: (Suspence/Psychological Fiction)
When landscaper Mitchell Rafferty receives a phone call that his wife has been kidnapped and there is a two million dollar ransom, his extraordinary commitment to his wife will take him on a harrowing, seventy-two-hour journey of adventure, sacrifice, and redemption. 

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks: (Love Story)
Katie, a newcomer to the small town of Southport, North Carolina, resists forming any personal ties until she is drawn into relationships with Alex, a young widower, and Jo, her plainspoken single neighbor, who help her overcome her fearful past.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett: (Historical Fiction)
In Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962, there are lines that are not crossed. With the civil rights movement exploding all around them, three women start a movement of their own, forever changing a town and the way women--black and white, mothers and daughters--view one another.

New Thriller from Tami Hoag

Cold Cold Heart by Tami Hoag
Popular suspense author Tami Hoag's newest stand-alone novel Cold, Cold Heart is now available at the Community Library.

Dana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until she was kidnapped by a notorious serial killer. A year has passed since she defeated her attacker, but Dana is still physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred by her ordeal, with aftereffects including PTSD and memory loss. 

In an attempt to put herself back together after surviving the unthinkable, Dana returns to her hometown. But it doesn't provide the comfort she expects: she struggles to recognize family and childhood friends and begins experiencing dark flashbacks but she's not sure if they're truly memories or side effects of her brain injury.

"Hoag has been writing nail-biting thrillers for years, but this time she ups the ante. The suspense remains high, but the stakes are even higher ..." (Booklist Reviews)

Looking for a New Book Club Selection? Try This One....

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant
Anita Diamant's The Boston Girl centers around family ties, values, friendship and feminism told through the eyes of a young woman growing up in the early 1900s.

“How did you get to be the woman you are today?”  

Eighty-five-year-old Addie is asked this by her 22-year-old granddaughter and so begins her story starting in 1915, the year she made friends who helped shape the course of her life taking her to a world her parents can’t imagine - one of short skirts, movies, celebrity culture, and new opportunities for women. Addie wants to finish high school, go to college, have a career and find love. 

Written with the same attention to historical detail and emotional resonance that made Diamant’s previous novels, The Red Tent and Day After Night, bestsellers, The Boston Girl is a moving portrait of one woman’s complicated life and a fascinating look at a generation of women finding their places in a changing world.

Healthy Living

Looking for a book to help you make healthier choices this year? Stop in the library and check out some of the new additions to the collection. Here are just a few of the many books we have (click on the cover to check availability and place a hold):

The Paleo Approach Cookbook: a Detailed Guide to Heal Your Body and Nourish Your Soul by Sarah Ballantyne
America - Farm to Table: Simple, Delicious Recipes Celebrating Local Farmers by Mario Batali and Jim Webster
Skinny Meals: Everything You Need to Lose Weight - Fast! by Bob Harper

Weight Loss:
The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life by Joel Fuhrman
The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality: 20 Key Foods to Help You Succeed Where Other Diets Fail by Dr. Phil McGraw
Down Size: 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration Into Pants-Fitting Success by Ted Spiker; foreword by Mehmet C. Oz, MD
The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight, and Get Rid of the Bloat by Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RDN, and Joseph Hooper

Strong is the New Skinny: How to Eat, Live, and Move to Maximize Your Power by Jennifer Cohen and Stacey Colino
Body by Simone: the 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan by Simone De La Rue with Lara McGlashan
8 Weeks to SEALfit: a Navy SEAL's Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness by Mark Divine