True Grit & more thrilling Westerns...

The recently-released movie True Grit is bringing attention back to the 1968 western (and the first True Grit movie with John Wayne) that inspired this new film; as of this writing, all copies of the True Grit book and original movie at the Community Library have been checked out.

If True Grit has kindled your interest in Westerns, you may be interested to learn that you can find over 900 other titles in the genre at the Community Library. Search the using the subject term "Western stories;" searcg results include new books like Arkansas Ambush, The Black Muldoon, Blue-Eyed Devil, The Buntline Special, Canyon Diablo, Cheyenne Madonna, Iron Dust, The Owl Hunt, The Switchback Trail, and Texas Standoff, plus more than a few Wild West-themed love stories.

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  1. My favorite Western novel is All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. Set in post World War II Texas, it tells the story of John Grady Cole. After his grandfather dies, he leaves the life of ranching and travels with a friend to Mexico in an attempt to seek his fortune. After many adventures, John Grady finds himself in an ill fated romance with the daughter of a rich Spanish Haciendo. This romance leads to an arrest, imprisonment in a Mexican jail, and a murder in self defense.