Can't Miss SciFi & Fantasy

Here are five titles available at your Community Library from Kirkus's recently published a list of "Can't Miss Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2011." In Among Others, 15-year-old Morwenna finds escapes into scifi novels after the mysterious death of her twin. The Wise Man's Fear (a personal favorite of librarian Carolyn W.) is the sequel to Name of the Wind, and follows the adventures of Kvothe, a wise-cracking university student and jack-of-all-trades seeking answers about his parent's deaths. In Richard Matheson's Other Kingdoms, a soldier's retreat to a peaceful English village after World War I turns into something more sinister when he ignores local superstitions, while in The Quantum Thief, a criminal is broken out of a diabolical future prison in exchange for agreeing to steal a valuable artifact. Last but not least, China Mieville's literary Embassytown tells the story of how humans teach aliens how to lie, with disastrous results.

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  1. I LOVED the book Wise Man's Fear (& its prequel Name of the Wind)