Emotional debut

On the surface, Charlie and Natty could not be more different: She, the daughter of many generations of farmers; he, an executive at a multi-national firm. But, in each other, they find the new lease on life they both need.  Natty dreams of a life beyond her small town. She is unhappily married to her high school crush and passes the time nursing retired miners, coaching her son, The Pie Man's, soccer team and running trails she knows by heart, longing to get away from it all. Charlie has everything he ever thought he wanted, but after 25 years of climbing the corporate ladder, he no longer recognizes his own life: his job has become  paper-pushing, his wife is obsessed with their country-club status, and his children have grown up and moved on. When he is sent to West Virginia to oversee a mining project, it is a chance to escape his stuffy life. Arriving in Red Bone, though, he gets more than he bargained for: his new friends become the family he was missing and Natty, the woman who reminds him what happiness feels like. When his company's plans threaten to destroy Natty's family land, his loyalties are questioned and he is forced to choose between his old life and his new love in Redemption Mountain by Gerry FitzGerald.

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