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Ocean at the End of the Lane
The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a fairy tale type story for adults, narrated by a man who has returned home to England for a funeral. He feels compelled to visit his childhood home and visit the Hempstock family home which is located just down the lane from where he grew up.  As the man takes in his surroundings, he is flooded with memories of childhood and his friend Lettie Hempstock.  The reader is then taken on a magical, sometimes terrifying, journey back when the man was just a seven year old child and inadvertently helped a demonic predator from another world enter into ours. 

"Gaiman (Anansi Boys) has crafted a fresh story of magic, humanity, loyalty, and memories "waiting at the edges of things," where lost innocence can still be restored as long as someone is willing to bear the cost." - Publishers Weekly 

For more information, click here to view Neil Gaiman's website.

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