Title: Dark Demon
Genre: Romance
Author: Feehan, Christine
Rating: 5

The book Dark Demon is number 16 of a 20 book Carpathian series by Feehan. It is a romance series with includes immortal earth creatures which are nor human or vampire, called the Carpathian race. The Carpathian race is depleting from both the male Carpathian losing its soul and from the low mortal rate of the Carpathian off spring. The only way the race can be saved is if a Carpathian male finds its true lifemate, an anchor to his soul.
The character Vikrnoff is a vampire slayer who has spent his immoral life slaying his own Carpathian race that has lost their fight to their inner demon. Vikrnoff is searching for his true lifemate, the anchor to his inner demon. Only his true lifemate can save his soul and reveal the emotions and the sight of color he has lost over the centuries. If Vikrnoff does not find his true lifemate in time, the inner demon within him will take over his soul and he will become what he despises and hunts, a Vampire.
A Carpathian male knows when he has found his true life mate by the on set of colors and emotion he receive once he is in contact with his lifemate. Vikrnoff only lead to his lifemate is a photograph he carries close to his heart. What Vikrnoff does not know is his lifemate contains both the blood line of a Dragonseek and of the Carpathian race.
Natalya is Vikrnoff true lifemate and she is in addition a vampire slayer.Natalya is a strong, beautiful and talents wizard who case a spell on Vikrnoff from the time he lays his eyes on her. Natalya trusts no one but from the moment Natalya see Vikrnoff she feels an underlining connects that she chooses to fight, but yet she can?t leave his side. Natalya begins her journey fighting to save his life and soul. The sexual tension between the two is dynamic and you can only wish real Carpathian males walked the earth looking for you. Vikrnoff not only finds his tigress of a lifemate but a life time companion whom he can?t seem to keeps his hand off and treats and cherishes as no jewel you can buy.

Reviewed by: Adele

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