New Display: Graphic Novels

Come check out a book from your Community Library's new display of graphic novels! Similar in format to comic books but written for a more mature audience, those unfamiliar with graphic novels are often surprised to learn that they represent a variety of genres. War is Boring is about a foreign correspondent alternately jaded and horrified by the war-torn Middle East, while Blankets is the critically-acclaimed story of a first love. In Stigmata, readers follow a sinner's journey to redemption, while in Tricked, readers see the often humorous intersection of six people's lives. Even nonfiction is available in graphic format: Louis Riel is a biography of a controversial Canadian historical figure, telling the story of how he led two uprisings against the government before being captured, tried, and executed. Click here to see a list of additional award-winning graphic novels, compiled by the staff of your Community Library.

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  1. "Blankets" sounds like a really cute book even though I don't usually read graphic novels.