Place your holds now for The Mysterium

The Mysterium, the 8th book in the Hugh Corbett / Medieval Mysteries series, is coming soon! In 1304 London, Sir Hugh Corbett is ordered to investigate the murder of a Chief Justice in the King's Court. Each book works well as a standalone, but if you really want to read the series in order, you have to start with 1986's Satan in St. Mary's, available through inter-library loan with other Suffolk County libraries.

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  1. This book isn't bad, but isn't of the quality of the early Paul Doherty books about Sir. Hugh Corbett. I bought it as I have been reading the series for a long time now, but felt that it was fairly obvious who The Mysterium was.

    I don't think the last couple of books in the Corbett series have been very good, but will probably stay with it until the series ends.