Krentz's hot new series-starter: Copper Beach

Copper Beach, the first book in the new Dark Legacy series by popular author Jayne Ann Krentz, has just been released.  This paranormal romance/suspense story features pyschic Abby Radwell, whose talent at deciphering the secrets within the pages of very rare books sometimes taken her into dangerous territory. After a deadly incident in the private library of an obsessive collector, Abby receives a blackmail threat, and rumors swirl that an old alchemical text known as "The Key" has reappeared on the black market. A number of ruthless people are searching for the book. Some believe that Abby can find it for them ....

Love steamy paranormal romance with a high level of action?  You can also try Christine Feehan's Shadow Game, the first book in the "Ghostwalkers" series that is currently 9 books long.  Novelist also recommends Out of Body, the first book in the "Court of Angels" series by Stella Cameron.

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