Jack Reacher Returns

Personal: a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child
Jack Reacher returns in Personal the latest fast-moving, action-packed, suspenseful book from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child.

You can leave the army, but the army doesn’t leave you. Not always. Not completely, notes Jack Reacher—and sure enough, the retired military cop is soon pulled back into service. This time, for the State Department and the CIA in order to track down the American sniper who took a shot at the president of France and who is possibly targeting the G-8 summit packed with world leaders

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Looking for more thrilling spy series similar to Lee Child's Jack Reacher series? Check out these series recommendations from NoveList:

Adrenaline by Jeff Abbot
Adrenaline by Jeff Abbot:
When his pregnant wife and child are kidnapped and he discovers that he has been set up as a traitor, brilliant CIA agent Sam Capra begins a desperate hunt for the unknown enemy who he believes has targeted the wrong man. (Adrenaline is the first of four books in the Sam Capra series followed by The Last Minute, Downfall and Inside Man)

The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross
The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross:
When her husband is killed in a tragic Grand Central Station accident, Karen Friedman struggles to rebuild her life with her two teenage children, until a pair of strangers arrives demanding large funds from her late husband's investment business. (The Dark Tide is the first of three in the Ty Hauck series followed by Don't Look Twice and Reckless.)

Cimarron Rose by James Lee Burke
Cimarron Rose by James Lee Burke:
When his illegitimate son is wrongly accused of murder, Texas attorney and former Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland stands alone against the ruthless powers controlling the small town of Deaf Smith, Texas, as his investigation uncovers deeply rooted, high-level corruption, violence, and murder. (Cimarron Rose is the first of four books in the  Billy Bob Holland novels followed by Heartwood, Bitterroot, and In the Moon of Red Ponies.)

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