5 things Halloween can teach us about reading

1.  Don't judge a book by its cover.  The gore-encrusted trick-or-treater who knocks at your door is just wearing a costume; similarly, unappealing cover art can disguise a gem of a book.
2.  People like to be scared - as long as they know they're safe.  R.L. Stine credits the popularity of his children's Goosebumps series with the principle of the "safe scare."  Admit it; there are probably a few scary books you've enjoyed reading while snug in your home, too.
3.  Free candy makes life sweeter.  With Winter Reading Club starting soon, you will soon get your own sweet treat in exchange for reading.
4.  It's okay to object to things. Maybe you disapprove of sexy Halloween costumes, or of the holiday in general.  Chances are, you have strong views on fiction, too.  Not to worry, your Community Library prides itself on having reading material for people from all idealogies.  Sign up for a NextReads email newsletter to get the inside scoop on favorites from all genres, including Christian Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.
5.  Sometimes, you just have to get outside of yourself and pretend to be someone you're not.  Part of the joy of fiction is in escapism.  Escape with a good book from your Community Library!

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