2011's Top Ten Debut Novels

Enjoy sampling new literary talent?  Debut novels are almost always high-quality, because publishers will only gamble on an unknown author if they really believe in his or her book.  Plus, reading debuts allows you to discover a new author before anyone else does!  In this article from Booklist, the top ten debut novels of 2011 are highlighted.  Some, like The Family Fang, The Language of Flowers, and The Submission have been featured previously on this blog.  Other first novels on the list available from your Community Library include The Arriviste, The Art of Fielding, The Borrower, Swamplandia!, The Taker, When God was a Rabbit, and The World Beneath.  Are there any 2011 debuts you especially enjoyed?  Leave a comment!

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  1. "If Jack's In Love" by Stephen Wetta is another good debut. Set in 1960s small-town America, it tells the story of Jack, a pariah who dares to fall in love with Myra, a girl far above him socially. To complicate matters still further, when Myra's brother disappears, Jack's family are the prime suspects.