Books by TV Characters

The recent publication of Pawnee: The Best Town in America is somewhat unique because its author, Leslie Knope, is herself a fictional character from the sitcom "Parks and Recreation."  Still, as this article in The Atlantic points out, there has been more than one book authored by television characters.  Bart from "The Simpsons" has published a Guide to Life.  In the fifth season of NBC's "How I Met Your Mother," character Barney Stinson explains that his foolproof method for seducing women is outlined in his playbook, which was later published under the title The Playbook, with the character receiving authorial credit.  Richard Castle, the main character on ABC's detective show "Castle," has an entire series of murder mystery novels!  In fact, Castle's books are so popular that the Community Library purchased two copies of his latest book, Heat Rises, in order to meet the high demand.  Know of any other books authored by fictional characters?

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