Sensational Novel of Murder, Financial Corruption and Redemption

Mortal Bonds by Michael Sears
Mortal Bonds
In Mortal Bonds, Jason Stafford, on probation after imprisonment for fraud, certainly has the necessary skills to be a financial fraud consultant. When William von Becker is convicted of a huge Ponzi scheme and commits suicide, his son hires Stafford to find several billion dollars unaccounted for. The FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission naturally are interested, but so are Honduran drug dealers, Balkan thugs, and several von Becker family members. At the same time, Stafford must juggle care for his autistic six-year-old son and a visit from his alcoholic ex-wife seeking reconciliation. As bodies pile up and peril stalks Stafford from more than one direction, his hard-earned prison smarts, math skills, and Wall Street knowledge prove invaluable.

Author Michael Sear's two decades of Wall Street experience support Stafford's confident movement in the international world of bearer bonds, Swiss banks, and the superrich who use them. Introduced in the Edgar and Barry Award-nominated Black Fridays, Stafford again alternates between high-stakes risk-taking plus violence and the controlled world of his son, whom he'll do anything to protect. A touching, tense, and terrific thriller. (Library Journal)

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