May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

 Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

Heminsley did not run. Not ever. There was perhaps a shuffle here or there when absolutely necessary, but voluntarily putting on shoes and pounding the pavement? Absolutely not. Until one day, Heminsley began to walk, and before long, with the encouragement of her family, simple walking morphed into running and then into competing in marathons. It's not all medals and smiles at the finish line, though, as Heminsley humorously tackles the many thorny issues new runners encounter. In this account of one woman's transition from non-runner to runner, the most important change that takes place is not losing weight or developing a more-fit physique, but rather the mental transition Heminsley makes to believing she is a runner. (Booklist Reviews)

 Strong is the New Skinny by Jennifer Cohen blogger and Weight Watchers fitness ambassador Cohen and health writer Colina have devised a robust regimen that combines diet strategies with strength-boosting exercises. The major components of "Strong is the New Skinny" (SINS) are inner strength and a full-body strengthening plan. In the first section, readers learn how to identify, build, and maintain inner strength. In the second section the authors discuss and demonstrate (with numerous photos) how to strengthen the back, arms, core, and legs, with sample workouts and specific fat-burning exercises. (Publishers Weekly Reviews)

 Tai Chi by Yutang Zhang

Tai Chi emerged in China in the monasteries scattered throughout the empire for hundreds of years. It is a martial art meant to teach warriors the perfect body movement and connect it with their mind and spirit. Today, it is practiced with therapeutic applications to achieve better physical and psychological equilibrium. When someone does not have a sense of balance, problems with health and disease manifest. This book presents an attractive introduction to the practice of this technique and an exposition of the most popular styles. Upon completion of the book, anyone will be able to move in accordance with the flow of nature. (Publisher Summary)

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