Book Review: Freakin' Fabulous

Freakin' Fabulous
by:Clinton Kelly
At first I picked up this book because I recognized the author: the guy from the TV Show What Not to Wear... you know that show right? Stacy London and this guy insult and tear to pieces unsuspecting victims to make them look great after a treatment or two of their medicinal "fashion-lessons".Well, this book is that and more. Is actually very practical, very useful and really, even I got some pretty good tips that I started applying to my everyday life.The second you open up to the first page you get the sense this book is like no other. For starters,the chapters are very well organized and they cover every subject in life, from how to dress and speak in public to how to behave, eat and drink while in a formal gathering. It also lists tips on how to pick the best wine that would complement your Poultry, Pork,and Fish Dinner. There are good pointers on how to decorate certain rooms and how to throw the best entertainment party in your block!In my humble opinion, the best part of this book is the way Clinton Kelly shows you visually with photos and actual case studies how to do all these fabulous things. When you finish reading this fantastic book you will indeed be "better than everyone else"... or not. But read it anyway....

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