Book Review: Merriwether Lewis

Merriwether Lewis

by Thomas C Danisi &John C Jackson

Remember Lewis & Clark the explorers? These two brave American explorers decided to "open-up" the southern frontier back in the wild west days. Lewis & Clark, famous for their adventures while traveling along the Missouri River and its western territories. Well, this book is all about Lewis, Merriwether Lewis, who actually became the governor of Lousiana for a while and then died mysteriously at a young age. I won't give away too much detail on this book because it is best for all you readers out there to, you know, read it yourselves.Sign this book out and take it home with you. Sit in your favorite spot and start reading. This book's got everything: history, suspense, description details that just puts you right there in the middle of uncharted territory next to Lewis. The team of Danisi & Jackson is great, they really captured the culture and the "air" prevalent during that time period of Lewis' life when he was a Governor.You will feel the anxiety Lewis felt while making difficult political decisions that affected Native Americans in the Lousiana area and beyond. You will feel the hurt he felt when his contemporaries, including those belonging to his own religious and political affiliations, rejected and mocked most of his ideas. And finally you will feel enlightened when you read about the amazing facts and details surrounding his final moments on Earth.This is a good read,reserve this book today and read it, you will not be dissapointed ... I wasn't!Priscilla Grant-Owens

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