Book Review: FREE MONEY to Pay Your Bills!

Priscilla said...
FREE MONEY to Pay Your Bills!by: Mathew Lesko & Mary Ann MartelloThis book basically lists loads of information on thousands of government programs designed to help out the average, and also not-so-average, person out there living in Recession-Riddled America.Be prepared to read about how to apply for these programs, tips on how to qualify and properly submit these forms to the different government entities. In other words, this does not make for exciting reading don't take it home and open a bottle of your finest vintage wine,no. This is more like just take it home and brew some coffee and read and take notes!Nevertheless,this is a good reference book to look over and jot down the websites and other useful information to keep handy this year and the next. Especially in this economy and the global recession we are going through right now. This book is like a small light at the end of the tunnel for many of us who have been deeply affected by the economic downturn around here.Priscilla Grant-Owens

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