Debut Novel: The Postmortal by Drew Magary

In this darkly funny dystopia by noted humorist and sports blogger Drew Magary, a scientist looking for the gene for red hair accidentally stumbles upon the gene that suspends aging, unleashing worldwide social upheaval.  Russia uses postmortal soldiers for conquest, while China, ever fearful of overpopulation, bans the treatment and starts branding its citizens with their birthdates.  Told mostly in the form of journal entries by the eternally 29-year-old main character (a Manhattan attorney who becomes postmortal through black market treatments), this first-time novelist also includes satirically imaginative newspaper clippings, religious pamphlets, and even medical bulletins to round out his debut novel.  The Postmortal comes out today, August 30th; be the first to check it out!  Click here to read a full review from the book newsletter Shelf Awareness.

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