New Historical Thriller: The Hangman's Daughter

In the international bestselling novel The Hangman's Daughter, children start disappearing from a small 1659 Bavarian town; some reappear dead and tattooed with a strange symbol.  The local hangman, aided by his daughter Magdalena and the university-educated son of the local doctor, must determine whether witchcraft is involved. Now available in English translation, this historical thriller is likely to continue its international success, with wholesale giant Costco announcing that The Hangman's Daughter is their book selection of the month for August.

German author Oliver P√∂tzsch is a first-time novelist who based the main character of The Hangman's Daughter on one of his own ancestors; he's currently writing another historical thriller inspired by other members of his family tree, set in the time of "Mad King" Ludwig II.  Interested in exploring your own family tree?  Your Community Library offers free Saturday appointments with a genealogy specialist every month - call (631) 399-1511 extension 240 to schedule yours!

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