Debut Released Today: The Submission

Those of us in the Mastic-Mastic Beach-Shirley area still vividly remember September 11th, 2001.  With the ten year anniversary fast approaching, former New York Times reporter Amy Waldman's debut novel The Submission is being heralded as a solid choice to stimulate reflection and debate.  According to the review in the August issue of Bookpage (free copies of which are available monthly at your Community Library), "Waldman's novel proves that thoughtful fiction can be more illuminating than fact."  Set two years after 9/11, a panel of judges selects an architectural design for a memorial at Ground Zero from several anonymous submissions.  Controversy begins when the winner turns out to be a Muslim-American and only gains momentum when his design is interpreted to have Islamic connotations.  In an eerie echo of the recent, real-life mosque-at-Ground Zero debate, Waldman uses multiple points of view to ask the reader what America has learned as a nation since the 9/11 attacks.

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