Books for Veteran's Day

Honor those who served our country this Veteran's Day by reading accounts of bravery and battle in these related titles.

  • The Outpost by Jake Tapper: In this story of valor, ABC news correspondent Tapper tells the story of a remote U.S. military outpost in Afghanistan known as Combat Outpost Keating.  After the Taliban nearly destroyed in in 2009, the Pentagon concluded it "should not have been there in the first place".  
  • The Liberator by Alex Kershaw: WWII officer Felix Sparks and his men saw plenty of action from the invasion of Italy to the liberation of Dachau.  In depth interviews with Sparks and many of his men make the past come alive in this detailed account.
  • Commanding the Storm by John Richard Stevens: 12 key military leaders from the Confederate and Union side write about Civil war battles they participated in through letters and memoirs

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