New Street Lit

Street lit aka urban fiction is one of the hottest genres in libraries everywhere.  Check out these hot off the press titles available soon at your Community Library.

  • Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard by Meesha Mink: This installment in the Real Wifey series focuses on Suga Alvarez, who has a degree in finance and pulls in more than 50,000 grand a year.  A dark cloud looms over her life after her fiancee is arrested by the Feds.  Suga is determined to find out who set him up and take revenge.
  • Gangsta Divas by De'Nesha Diamond: A brutal war rages between two rival gangs and at the center of it all are two estranged sisters, Ta'Shara and LeShelle, who have vowed to kill one another on sight.  
  • Animal by Kwan: The latest in the Hood Rat series focuses on Animal, the rapper turned killer that everyone was sure was dead.  The streets are tense as the crews of King James and Shai Clark sense a major gang war is about to erupt.  Cruising on the perimeter is Animal who is waiting to take revenge on the shooter who targeted his woman, Gucci.  

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