New Political Novel

The Means by Douglas Brunt
Still in the mood for politics even though the election is over? Check out this new novel The Means by Douglas Brunt. Part Primary Colors, part House of Cards, The Means takes you deep into high-stakes politics where everyone has something to hide.

Tom Pauley is a conservative trial attorney in Durham, NC, who is tapped by GOP leaders to campaign for the Governor's mansion. His bold style makes him a favorite for a run at the White House.

Mitchell Mason is the president-elect of the United States, pushed into politics by a father determined to create a political dynasty. Mason manages the White House with a personal touch that makes both friends and enemies.

Samantha Davis is a child actor-turned-lawyer-turned-journalist, working her way up from the bottom in a competitive industry. She is determined and brilliant, and her dogged pursuit of a decade-old story could trigger a scandal that would upend the political landscape.

"This fast-paced, noirish novel offers sharp insights into the sleazy side of human nature and captures the harsh reality of life on the campaign trail. Even casual followers of American politics might appreciate this entertaining contribution, although they may feel bit a grimy after reading about the smear tactics that seem to be the mainstay of today's politicians." (LJ Express Reviews)

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