Prequel to Great Expectations

Havisham by Ronald Frame
As a prelude to Charles Dickens' classic Great Expectations, Havisham by Ronald Frame brings us the backstory and the psychological trauma that made young Catherine into Dickens' Miss Havisham and cursed her to a life alone, roaming the halls of the mansion in the tatters of the dress she wore for the wedding she was never to have.

Frame's Catherine is a spry, imperious young woman with dreams in front of her. She is the daughter of a wealthy brewer but she is never far from the smell of hops and the arresting letters on the brewhouse wall—HAVISHAM—a reminder of all she owes to the family name and the family business.

Sent by her father to stay with the Chadwycks, Catherine discovers elegant pastimes to remove the taint of her family's new money. But for all her growing sophistication, Catherine is anything but worldly, and when a charismatic stranger pays her attention, everything—her heart, her future, the very Havisham name—is vulnerable.

A Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Book of 2013

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