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Looking for Strangers
Looking for Strangers: The True Story of My Hidden Wartime Childhood is the story of American academic and poet, Dori Katz, and her attempt to recover her childhood memories of being sent to live with a Catholic family during the Holocaust.   

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

In This is the Story of a Happy MarriageAnn Patchett paints a self-portrait about her life, the people, places, ideals and art to which she has been consistently committed and her path which led her to becoming a writer.  The book is a well-organized collection of essays that have been carefully selected and arranged and span a twenty year period of Patchett's career.  

Sam Wasson paints a picture of the iconic Bob Fosse, who is the renowned dancer, choreographer, screenwriter and director that revolutionized every facet of American entertainment with his style.  Fosse is a joy to read and Wasson has successfully written a richly detailed celebrity bio that is both inspiring and depressing. 

The Boy Detective

In The Boy Detective: A New York Childhood, Roger Rosenblatt reminisces about his 1950's childhood in Gramercy Park, and his fantasies of being a boy detective.   

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