New Sean Dillon Adventure for the New Year

The Death Trade
Jack Higgins latest action packed novel releases on New Years Eve! This time Sean Dillon and fellow hero, Sara Gideon, are up against the nuclear ambitions of Iran. It's sure to be an exciting here to place your hold to ring in the New Year with The Death Trade!

Listed below are the first 19 books in Higgin's Sean Dillon series:

Eye of the Storm (June 1992)
Thunder point (November 1993)
On Dangerous Ground (May 1994)
Angel of Death (March 1995)
Drink with the Devil (May 1996)
The President's Daughter (May 1997)
The White House Connection (May 1999)
Day of Reckoning (February 2000)
Edge of Danger (February 2001)
Midnight Runner (February 2002)
Bad Company (June 2003)
Dark Justice (August 2004)
Without Mercy (August 2005)
The Killing Ground (October 2007)
Rough Justice (August 2008)
A Darker Place (January 2009)
The Wolf at the Door (January 2010)
The Judas Gate (January 2011)
A Devil is Waiting (January 2012)

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